hello! I'm Brian! I've been off mastodon for a couple years, so I guess it's time for some new pinned toots.

things I enjoy: programming, going on adventures with my family, chocolate, pluralizing words incorrectly, open-ended questions, kindness.

ask me about: Elm, generative art, Esperanto, website accessibility, Nix, design


send me: sci-fi/fantasy book recommendations (especially by authors from underrepresented groups), mind-expanding conference talks, recommendations for different ways of doing things

@b I recently enjoyed Future Of Another Timeline (but get the text version; the audiobook narration isn't super fantastic -- even though it has an original riot grrl song on it)!

@b it's a *stellar* (lol, terrestrial really) premise. The time travel mechanics are awesome.

@b don't miss the Titans' Forest trilogy, beginning with Crossroads of Canopy. Great stuff :)

@b I recently read Three Body Problem. It was interesting to have the main character of a sci-fi book not be american (Chinese in this case).

I think it’s pretty popular though.

@souren yeah, I've read that. It really caught my attention! Looking forward to reading the sequels but I haven't made time yet.

@souren also aren't the translator's cultural notes in that book really something? 🤩

@b @souren one thing I'd really like to see is a different translation of that book (or any book really), just to see what choices translators make :) I guess you can get that with the Bible, but for most books the money isn't there for more than one translation :(

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