if this was Twitter I'd have to say "listening again" because I wouldn't want people to think I hadn't read it before

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listening to Hitchiker's Guide this morning, have to say that in 2022 I like Space Opera by Valente better!

I got home today and had fun work I could do but I wasn't feeling it. Then after an hour of YouTubing I remembered Advent of Code! It's great! What fun! man, constrained coding can be sweet

I used my templated-regular-expression library to turn the NumericLiteral syntax production from ECMAScript into a regular expression: https://runkit.com/tolmasky/numeric-literal-production-as-a-regular-expression

🧵 I've always really hated how hard it is to give functions a dynamic name in JavaScript, so I've been playing around with a little "'ƒ" utility function I wrote. You call it like this:

For my systems programmer job search, I wrote a resume that tells the stories of my 7 #bestbugs. I'm going to post them here one by one. Please reply with your #bestbugs!

"Why is shooting a giant laser at my satellite not working?"


(If you've already read this one, click on the link at the end of the story to read 6 more)

Me: I should build a tiny house! I could live in 200 sqft!
Me, having completed one floor of the home inventory: I should probably just live in a warehouse

Bundling different exports of a JS module separately (e.g. getServerSideProps and things only it uses being removed from client bundles): good idea?

maintenance nightmare? fun chance to play with compilers? awful chance to learn more compiler/bundler internals than you wanted to?

Big (for me, I haven't been paying attention) WebAssembly update: youtu.be/8jRWXTb3dBg

I should try to summarize but there's a lot here. It's good stuff!

I've been thinking a lot about decentralized apps lately, so it seems fitting to post about it on Mastodon. One thing I'm working on right now is going over my real-time client/server syncing algorithms and "upgrading" them to work in peer-to-peer scenarios. I have some work-in-progress write-ups and interactive demos for them here: https://madebyevan.com/algos/

We just released pagination support at work and it's real slick, proud we were able to do this in a principled way that will improve experiences for our users' users. blog.convex.dev/announcing-con

Any tooling or advice for moderating Discord servers? I have 100 or so accounts joining a public Discord server in the course of a few minutes every couple hours. Bot block lists? Mass banning tools? Suggested join flow that makes bots more work?

this is my American English bias, but hasn't "made redundant" got to be the worst way to describe a layoff?

extreme benefit of the doubt to the company, implies inevitability and passivity, presumes static job descriptions for employees. "Deprioritized" is less bad, at least it's clear it's a choice!

I would have not have believed you if you'd told me last year that, during one week in November, crypto would self-destruct right as W3C-protocol based federated server protocols would blossom.

I know I'm a better engineer now but making a change to some 10-year-old code tonight I sure feel worse at coding!

anyway file watching works again in bpython


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