i feel so much physical stress when attachment stuff isn’t sorted out properly. limbic system just doesn’t cut me a break, hours to days of elevated anxiety/reactivity

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It seems no matter where I go, I find myself wishing that companies would employ (engineering) historians.

Someone who would interview employees and read docs and then write chapters about each major component of a company and how it got to be the way it did.

plus you only have to be obsessed for a month every four years. brilliant

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ahhh my brother just explained to me that the world cup is sports without commercial breaks.

i get it now

both the experience of riding (expanding a relaxed, open awareness), and maintaining (practicing patient, methodical care) bikes has given me confidence in aspects of my life that previously felt unsteady

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my journey with motorcycles has been therapeutic and i'm really thankful

if retail therapy is real i should probably get my fix by going to the hardware store

get me some 50c washers and a tiny potted plant

swiftui feels like a collective failure to pass knowledge down from the previous generation to this generation

dreamed that me and my partner dived into a deep pool and found a waterfall underwater that created an air pocket you could rest in

trying to print only a specific capture group of a regex in a shell script has disabused me of my "it's a unix system, i know this!" fantasies.

going to use a non-posix program for this

removing my fingerless gloves in defeat

finished the day at 86.8 wpm / 97.6% accuracy!

will try for 30m of practice daily this week and see where that leaves me

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made an account on keybr.com, gonna try and get better at typing. first measurement is 75 wpm with 94% accuracy

24 hours in texas and i've already had tamales, kolaches, donuts, fried chicken... life is good 😋

dead-legged myself yesterday walking my motorcycle up the driveway and yeesh it still hurts a day later. turns out you’re not supposed to massage it

this is what i'm using presently, probably need to get in there and modify it


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I really want fish to save history line-by-line so up arrow / ctrl-P search finds context from any open fish session

but I don't want ctrl-P with no search text to go to the most recently entered command in any session

writing enough sql these days that i miss caps lock

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