Lots of folks warning that overreliance on AIs can lead to bias.

But that can sound a bit abstract, so let's just leave these examples here.

#CHATGPT #AI #bias

in the good timeline, GPT finally trains humanity to understand that someone who's eloquent is not therefore automatically trustworthy

Advent of Code | Day 4 

Parts 1 & 2 done this morning. 🌅

Had fun using itertools' `tuple_windows` for the parsing step.


I should have realized this could happen but 🤯
#ChatGPT hallucinates a working(?) virtual machine that can access a made up internet


Advent of Code | Day 3 

Completed part one last night (the puzzles go live at 9pm PST) and I planned on doing part two this morning, but it's so nice and rainy.

I'm just going to follow these cozy vibes and skip part two for this one. 🛋️


This is a fascinating analysis of "long-termism" from Nafeez Ahmed. He explains this buzzy new pseudo-philosophy, revealing its deep connections to eugenics. This is worth paying attention to because long-termism and its progenitor "effective altruism" are knitted into the belief systems of many Silicon Valley leaders. And, of course, they creep into the business plans of their companies -- and that affects us. https://www.bylinesupplement.com/p/the-far-right-eugenics-mindset-behind

TIL; Hashtags don't seem to be registered if they are put in CWs. 🤔

#adventofcode | Day 2 

Done and done!

In which I've decided I'm not playing code golf this year. 😆


Programmers who’ve been professionally coding *for 15+ years*:

Do you like to pair program? Do you do it often?

This is it folks. 2022 will be known to me as the year I finally stuck to solving each day's problem at adventofcode.com. 😤

big big hugops to the entire #hachyderm team and the wonderful @nova for making all this possible. Moving off twitter to here is one of the highlights of the year. I actually appreciate the varying levels of availability because it reminds me that this is built by people for people.

Web development is easy, you just need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, HTTP, security, fonts, data modeling, mobile responsiveness, HCI principles, graphic design...

I just discovered that there's significant activity on this which currently exists as a proposal here, estimated to be ready for review by early 2023.


Blog post by the proposal author explaining incremental approaches toward usable and safe e2ee.


The author's Mastodon handle: .@soatok

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Personally, I feel that the average person doesn't really consider the possibility that their personal messages sent to others could be read by anyone other than the recipient. But that's probably partly due to the implied meaning of the word "message", could it be as simple as changing the wording?

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Curious whether people think that DMs on Mastodon should be private/encrypted or not. I'm well-aware that they are not on birdsite, but that doesn't mean we have to follow suit here.

nothing stopping us from just calling federation instances "pubs" or "homes" or "neighborhoods" or anything more inviting. particularly to indicate that these are points of entry to a cultural group and that you are picking your moderators. that would be a very good idea.

I can't distinguish 'effective altruism' from Terry Pratchett's "Yen Buddhism":

"The Yen Buddhists are the richest religious sect in the universe. They hold that the accumulation of money is a great evil and burden to the soul. They therefore, regardless of personal hazard, see it as their unpleasant duty to acquire as much as possible in order to reduce the risk to innocent people."

Musings over my shifting interests in tech 

Can't tell if my sudden and intense desire to learn more about ML and Deep Learning is one of those things I'll pursue for a week or two and then drop or if I'm actually considering entering the field. 🤔

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