i think helix might actually be good enough at this point for me to give switching away from vim a shot - being able to actually fix bugs or add features in it on my own without having to interact with 80's-era c is a huge draw

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Interested in applying to RC? Come to our next info session on Friday, December 9th at 2:30 pm ET!

Get the inside scoop on our admissions process, who comes to RC, how we can help you find a job after your batch, and more! Plus, hear from Recursers about their experiences and the types of projects they're working on.

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i just realized why the vibe of kubernetes feels so recognizable to me - it's because kubernetes is not a control plane, it is a framework for writing control planes, in the same sort of way that people get really into game development not because they have an idea for a game but because making a game engine sounds fun (it's me, i am people)

just got done playing through the entire starcraft 1 single player campaign on the steam deck - it is still shocking to me how well this works

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As absurd as it seems, a lot of people who've spent a bunch of time in tech really can't imagine what it looks like for something to not be profit maximizing and not switch to an ad supported engagement-boosting feed.

I've been on the lookout for this kind of implicit, general accidental, shift of values (corruption?) ever since I noticed this happened to law students back when I was in school.

As a group, incoming law students and 3Ls have very different goals and values.

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my mastodon timeline is finally filling up to the point that it feels like my twitter feed again, but cozier. i'm happy!

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birdsite eng 

One of the things that I think is sad about the decimation of Twitter eng is that Twitter was doing a lot of interesting (and high ROI) eng work that, at younger companies, is mostly outsourced at great cost.

A few examples off the top of my head:

The now gutted HWENG group was so good at designing low power servers that, in a meeting with Intel folks, discussing reference designs vs. what Twitter was doing, the Intel folks couldn't believe the power envelope Twitter achieved.

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I deeply enjoyed this comic from S. Mirk about names (and also bodies, gender, pandemic gayness, being your own final boss):


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anyone know any good mastodon android clients?


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