why call it bird site when ‘the fowl place’ is right there and a much better pun

Advice request: What job titles are most often used in job descriptions for "operating systems expert who fixes seriously difficult bugs and performance problems but doesn't ship new features or lead people?" (for examples see https://bit.ly/bestbugs) Thank you!!

One Mastodon feature I quite like is the ability to have posts with variable privacy settings, without changing the privacy of an entire account.

I do not like that site of birds
I do not like its awful words
I do not like what it became
I do not like its cult of shame
I do not like intrusive ads
I do not like the vapid fads
I do not like the clout it’s given
I do not like its algorithm
But I shall miss that weird bird town
I do not like it burning down

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I imagine there's a legal element too; lawyers likely would be concerned that anyone involved can't be accused of repurposing/stealing the existing code, so you need an intersection of people who are both experts in the types of protocol design and cryptography Signal uses *and* have never once looked at (let alone contributed to) libsignal.

Another tweet in the thread mentions this: twitter.com/bhcarpenter/status

@emauton It's also the kind of thing which causes a team to rapidly fail—even on a well staffed team a couple poorly timed departures can lead to people jumping ship rapidly.

Meanwhile new hires don't know the systems well enough to be effective operators yet, and director+ are wondering why the team isn't building anything anymore.

"You build it, you run it": yes, but our industry has not reckoned fully with the implications for staffing.

Your minimum software team size is now 6: 4 for a reasonable shift pattern, plus one for maintenance (holidays), plus one for emergencies (illness/attrition).

Insider story of blockchain at AWS. I’ve been asking, “what problem does it actually solve?” for years.


@nebkor oooh! I still haven't gotten around to it but I loved Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth, looking forward to this one 😁

@avuserow The memories are fun somehow now though 😆 .

And yeah, I think I didn't clarify well enough that the "insecure" bit was having the passwords memorized, not that they existed.

OK I'm decently happy with this. It's silly and if I keep working on it I'll just start picking it apart so here: a story about rebooting everything from scratch.


I haven't published a blog post in like two years, so it's fitting this one is going to be so ridiculous.

Whom do I know at the US Digital Service? It would be good to have a mastodon.gov instance, as a way to verify that toots are actually coming from US government agencies. (Other countries should change the domain suffix appropriately…)

So, one interesting thing that I'm seeing in the Fediverse that one more or less never saw on the birdsite: people apologizing when they've made someone else upset or gotten something wrong. The older I get the more important I think it is to be quick to apologize when we err -- and also quick to forgive those who have remorse and seek forgiveness. We have lost this essential give and take entirely in our modern online discourse; it's inspiring to see it here!

My second favorite type of reply on Twitter in response to any criticism of the bird site is "You are angry. Therefor I, a random person from the internet, have won a great victory!"

My dear sir, you may not be aware of this, but my track record in destroying things that have made me angry is pretty solid. I have done fifteen years of privacy and security activism powered almost entirely by rage and I win a lot.

Depression, birdsite 

@nebkor I've been missing cause I have a trivia night on Tuesdays, but I'll come back sometime soon!

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