Any linux (arch or other distro) users tried running the 1Password ssh agent on linux? I'm running into issues and not able to get any help from the forums nor chat.

Follow link for Mastodon

A simple link you can post on your website, blog, other social media, etc. so that people can easily follow you, from whichever instance they use.

When someone clicks on the follow link, they’re asked for their instance once (saved to their browser) and follow you with a single click.

The follow links looks like:

You can get yours here:

PS If you relocate to another instance, the link follows you

They have a cafe too. I wonder how much time *someone* can spend here before a manager comes to speak with that person.

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Here's my new office for the next few weeks. Sessions Climbing & Fitness in El Paso

@r343l I am SO MAD about how they do pagination in GraphQL it's SO DUMB.

Two more blogger recommendations from Ed -- and both of them are RC alums! 🐙

- Julia Evans @b0rk -- A List Of New-ish Command Line Tools:

- Dan Luu @danluu -- Keyboard latency:

Check out Ed's full list of recommendations here:

Keyboard builder's digest advent calendar of articles is out! My article is Dec 3. I detail many experiments I did building the squeezebox.

#new #introductions #feditips for the week:

Keyboard Shortcuts!

Did you know the mastodon web interface has lots of keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation? If you're in the advanced view, use the number keys to jump between columns. You can use J/K to move down and up by posts. R to reply, M to mention, F to favorite, B to boost!

There's a lot more, including dealing with CWs, hidden media, composing messages, search.

Hit the ? key to pull up the list of #keyboard #shortcuts !

Today's road trip surprise: Apparently the giant black pyramid in Memphis is a Bass Pro Shop.

Who's gonna teach ios about mastodon handles vs email addresses?

Dessert in Roanoke. First real night of our cross country road trip. Cake slice size definitely acceptable.

Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

Little sewing . Take the microfiber eyeglass cloth that comes with your glasses and sew some cotton or flannel to it to make a nice pocket sized combo glasses cloth and handkerchief.

Ported most of my nvim config from vimscript to lua. Next is probably switching from vim-plug to packer and getting my plugin stuff in lua too.

Porting my nvim config to lua. I have a bunch of really nice key mappings, I just never memorized them so I never use them and now I'm relearning them and like "wow, that's a great mapping".

My rae-dux wireless split keyboard build is done. Checked the "Completed Project" box over on hackaday.

Just had my second bouldering session since COVID lockdown. The first was last month during . Very fun and my climbing is still ok all things considered. Day passes have seen price inflation by like 50% though.

This is an excellent talk on the history of web development. Very high content density for 1 hour and you get a great overview from the very beginning covering all the major phases.

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A Mastodon server for Recursers.

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