Follow-up: Would you want that credit shown to the person choosing to use your alt text or added to the alt text itself, keeping in mind that nothing stops them from deleting that credit before posting?

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I'm working on a way for people to share alt text for images. If other people might re-use alt text you wrote, would you prefer it to be credited to you by username or anonymous?

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As long as the topic of image description has your attention, I'd like to try & reproduce on Mastodon something I & several other volunteers organized on Twitter. It’s 2 hashtags to assist with image description.

The first is #ALT4me — blind & visually impaired individuals can reply to an image that lacks ALT text with this tag, so that sighted volunteers can then reply with a description. The strength of crowdsourcing this is that each person adds unique details from their own perspective, that when combined, form a detailed & meaningful conception of the image. It also allows one person to give a quick triage description, & then others can fill in details as they see fit.

The 2nd is #ALT4you — if you come across an image that is particularly striking, or one that you believe will quickly become iconic & part of a shared visual imagery/memory, please describe that image & tag it with this tag. This is particularly important during unfolding news stories that quickly break & change, leaving behind indelible visual impressions, that then shape most peoples memory & consciousness of the event. Obviously, for the blind/VI, without a description, search images, no matter how important, remain perceptual and informational black holes.

Thank you all again for the outstanding image description I have encountered so consistently in my limited experience on Mastodon.

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You want time formats? Yeah man, I got time formats. I got time formats the ISO never heard of. Are you a cop?

Product ideas: Mailstrom: A mail app that only allows reply-all

Twitter tech 

> once saw
rebuild the state of a fallen zk cluster by hand from some logs and bailing wire. no idea what would have become of our messaging layer without her deep expertise. does Twitter have that kind of expertise left?

There are a great deal of software developers out there who don't understand that distsys engineering is a deep field, and not one it's easy to just step into. They see software as purely generative pursuit, and ignore the immense maintenance required.

Hey Twitter migrants, I made you something to vent some of the feelings that are less relished here. Sometimes you just need to scream into the void.

If I decide to run my own mastodon instance I'll finally have something to do with

Friends migrating over from Twitter, I implore you: *please* use alt text on your images.

I have a number of visually impaired and blind followers. I will not boost posts with images unless you include alt text. This is an accessibility norm I really appreciate here!

If you want to better understand this, I encourage you to try out a screenreader sometime. I've used one on and off recently to support myself through brain fog:

Why couldn’t he have bought Hacker News instead

Next semester, I'm teaching a classical athenian law seminar, which will also be a comparative constitutional law seminar focusing on different responses to the problem of controlling power. One of the sessions will be "ostracism, dangerous rich people, section 3, etc., OR: was the bill of attainder clause a bad idea?"

he was obsessed with porting functional programming approaches to java 8, starting with a rewrite of our entire i/o machinery. we told him no and he just kept proposing it.

the only code he ever checked in had mutable state on enums.

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the least knowledgable and most irritating principal engineer i've ever worked with is now a "Philosopher-CEO"

help i'm dying

"...we are not talking here about ‘freedom’ as an abstract ideal or formal principle (as in ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity!’). ... we have instead talked about basic forms of social liberty which one might actually put into practice: (1) the freedom to move away or relocate from one’s surroundings; (2) the freedom to ignore or disobey commands issued by others; and (3) the freedom to shape entirely new social realities, or shift back and forth between different ones."
- The Dawn of Everything

Interested in learning more about #pixelblaze #code and #LED animations? The amazing @jasoncoon has written a code tutorial for Pixelblaze for the #LuxLavalier that not only shows off the Lux, but is applicable to any setup. Filled with examples and demo photos and videos, it's really the best out there!

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A Mastodon server for Recursers.

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