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I went to the Flea Market in Vancouver yesterday -- my first time at a . I bought a lot of , and I especially love the gadget-y ones!

There's one that is by far my favorite. I spent the rest of the day randomly grinning when I thought about how it's MINE. 😁

My friend helped me understand what it does, and it's like one of those ballpoint pens with multiple inks! Video demo for greater clarity.

To encourage safe winter cycling, Oslo offers 50% off the cost of studded tires, up to 1000 NOK ($102).

~1000 residents applied on the first day it was offered. Last year 75% of rebate recipients said they didn't bike the previous winter.

#cycling #winter #bike

“Toderian, interviewed at the end of our research, in many ways blew our central argument out of the water.”

“This isn't about the tower vs mid-rise issue, this is about how you do the ground plane well, a universal question no matter what form you're designing."

#urbanism #cities #tallbuildings #skyscrapers #density @planetizen

After two decades, I finally found something that’s not Y2K compliant.

King County Metro has had over 240 trip cancellations this morning. Part of that are runs in places with actual heavy snow and ice issues. But probably the larger parts are the operator shortage (Friday always has a lot of cancelled runs) and that many operators live far from the bus base they work from and might be trapped by snow & ice in suburbs that don’t plow or de-ice. Starting pay for a Metro driver is half the pay for a entry level Seattle cop.

Fun fact: The Oregon Trail is not an 80s game. It is a 70s game.
The first version debuted in 1971, on December 3rd (so... tomorrow!) for the HP 2100 miniclmputer.

It predates the Apple II.
The first version for the Apple II came out sometime in 1977-1978, but the one people remember for the Apple II is actually the 1985 remake, after the previous release was so successful.

Caulking Season is Upon Us. 🎉

"Professionals and amateurs alike treat caulking as if it were some kind of magic salve, able to heal all wounds. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Caulking is squeezable chemistry, which must be analyzed and quantified.
"A few caulk chemistries may stick to wet or cold surfaces, others will cure into a floating rubber snake that slithers away under pressure."

via @novalis

Seeing #solarpunk and other #offgrid things on here and figured I should offer:

I'm an EE and programmer in off-grid solar by trade. There are tons of great guides and tutorials out there but if you ever want to talk to someone about your solar project, hit me up.

Thinking of putting a little solar panel on your chicken coop to run the fox door but not sure where to start? Want to build a solar battery light on your mailbox? Whatevers.

(Disclaimer: not a licensed electrician.)

I ordered a custom map of Hope from Kirsten Sparenborg (turnofthecenturies) on Etsy AND IT ARRIVED TODAY. 🥳 I absolutely love it, and I love how well it matches her city lines Vancouver map that I ordered to pair with it. She mixed her "city lines" street maps with shading to show the mountains and rivers here.

First use of Evaporust is a success! After watch Handtool Rescue use it on YouTube, I was thrilled to finally have a reason to buy and use it.

My pile of rusty flea market bits are rust-free and good as new. 😄

obsessed with this article by the Android team. just looking at the graphs it's like "rust go up, exploits go down"

also holy shit Android has a lot of rust code now

Today's research rabbit-hole that I don't have time to follow down started with these astonishing title pages.

They're both parts of a (very! long!) series of pamphlets, titled "Little Journeys into the Homes of the Great" – produced by Elbert Hubbard.

Hubbard wrote these little pieces about the lives and environs of great artists, great musicians and ... great businessmen. (Three kinds of people that definitely always go together!)

WATCH THIS VIDEO: If you STILL don’t understand how car-dependent suburbia (aka Sprawl) is HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED by downtown and all the urban parts of your city, watch this excellent video by @notjustbikes with UrbanThree & Strong Towns. And then please SHARE it as much as possible, especially with your local municipal leaders.

#suburbia #sprawl #urbanism #cities #density #cityplanning #economics #downtown

This was a choice, not by the person walking but by the decision makers who despise them.

Photo Credit
Twitter: @D_S_J_

I also want to talk about reading the documentation, but I'm having trouble figuring out a way to do it that isn't boring or condescending.

Are there practical strategies for reading documentation more efficiently/effectively?

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Combine prismatic window foil, a sunny spot on the sofa, lucky timing, and this fluffy bugger. Voilà - Rainbow Cat.

#CatsOfMastodon #Rainbow #Cats

A quick way to distinguish hardware and software engineers is mentioning the term Network Analyzer. A microwave network analyzer only measures the impedance, gain and phase of a circuit ("network"). it cannot capture packets in a computer network. But in a sense, it really is what makes all modern computer networks possible. Ethernet only works because someone has already checked the impedance of the chips and circuit boards in a Ethernet switch with a microwave "network analyzer"... #electronics

In the 13th century a 7 year old schoolboy named Onfim doodled on his birch bark. He drew himself as a warrior & as “a wild beast” and scribbled a greeting to his friend Daniel.

These are his drawings, unearthed by archaeologists near Novgorod, Russia #history

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