What prospective advisors are looking for Ph.D. applicants who want to work on compilers? I know about the usual suspects, but would love to have more names to offer the undergrad I'm advising, especially new/junior faculty working on building a lab.

@lindsey Not exactly new or junior at this point, but I'd love to have students interested in compilers.

@renau Oh, that looks groovy! I've contemplated grad school (I'm a UCSC alum from 1999 with a B.A. in 言語研究「gengo kenkyū」[Language Studies, focused on Japanese]) but mostly faltered in my efforts. (Tanja Lange did at least politely decline an application of mine & oversaw a friend's PhD defense in cryptography in March of this year). Libre/free open source & hw are my jam for many decades though. Didn't everyone write assemblers+linkers+compilers in the 1980s? It wasn't just me, was it? @lindsey


Me (coming from the theory side but I have some new projects on compilers)

@lindsey I realize I may be a usual suspect at this point, but some newish people include Charith Mendis (UIUC), Yatin Manerkar (Michigan, border with architecture), Fraser Brown (CMU, border with security)

@lindsey oh and Sara Achour and Fredrik Kjolstad (both at Stanford)

@lindsey Me, if they're willing to come to the UK and like functional programming.

@lindsey definitely looking for grad students to work on compilers and debuggers for quantum computers! We aren't doing language design, but are working on backends for both present-day and fault-tolerant systems.
We are looking beyond today's programs of a few hundred lines, asking what tools and concepts it takes to build 100KLOC quantum programs.

@lindsey n.b. I almost never read email these days, so contact me some other way (here?) or some of the key members of my group.

@lindsey and if your student(s) is (are) more interested in theory of languages and verification, check out Robert Rand at Chicago...I think he is on here, but don't recall his handle.

@lindsey Fraser Brown (CMU), Deian Stefan (UCSD), and I (Texas) are looking for students to work on JavaScript JIT compilers!

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