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If walking costs you $1, we all pay $0.01. If biking costs you $1, we all pay $0.08. If bussing costs you $1, we all pay $1.50. If driving costs you $1, we all pay $9.20. Via @thediscourse study.

This isn’t just about choice. It’s about who pays for your choice.

#citymakingmath #walking #bikes #cities #publictransit #transportatio #economics #urbanism #cityplanning #mobility

10 teams finished the group stage with 4 points. Only 3 of them advanced to the knockout round.

New rule: if a player is onside when they receive the ball, it doesn't matter if they were offside when the ball was kicked.

Do I really have to add a profile picture? You all know what I look like, don't you?

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Impressive long term strategizing by Iran yesterday to try to disrupt the Bene Gesserit's breeding program.

(hoping for at least a sliver of overlap in the venn diagram here)

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Noticing a lot of weekend chatter about helping new people onboard and I literally cannot stress the enough - the experience changes entirely once you follow about 200 people.

Then your home timeline fills up, and you find more people to follow/weed out some of the randos you followed at first.

This place is NOT going to get "busier" if you do not follow people; there are so many posts going on that you are not seeing.

Use "Federated" and "Local" find ppl; follow liberally. It works.

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What a hard fought match! I feel like *I* played I was so stressed. Nice win USA. Nice fight Iran!! #worldcup

What words do we use for "network latency" now that so many people use "latency" synonymously with "response time"?

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“To the extent that people remain active on Twitter, they preserve the viability of Musk’s gambit. The illusory sense of community that still lingers on the platform is one of Musk’s most significant assets. No matter which side prevails, the true victor in any war is the person selling weapons to both sides.”

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If you're joining Post, keep in mind that it's against their Terms of Service to criticise billionaires.

At the same time they don't care about disabled people.

via @parismarx

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I get a sense that #Twitter is about to become like this town:

"The town that went feral...This is the so-called Free Town Project, a venture wherein a group of libertarian activists attempted to take over a tiny New Hampshire town, Grafton, and transform it into a haven for libertarian ideals—part social experiment, part beacon to the faithful, Galt’s Gulch meets the New Jerusalem.... And then the bears moved in."

The last time they played “God Save the King” at the World Cup, USA beat England 1-0 👀

🐦 :

Sure, the players look dangerous in attack today, but that doesn't mean that they'd be dangerous against the best defenders in the Premier League.

World Cup 

Not many nations get to open a soccer match by singing an entire hype song about having defeated their opponent in war. England: shit firm.

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COP: Where were you the night of the murder?
CROW: I was with a group of friends
COP: What would you call that group?
CROW: …I want a lawyer

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