now has advanced filters. Did you know that there are over 500 in the U.S. with 50k+ vehicles/day that are in poor condition? 60% of them were built between 1955-1970.

I missed , but Luna is adjusting to being the only cat in the household (and begging for all the sous vide turkey leftovers she can)

I’ve had a quiet week this week rather than rolling out new features on My cat, Nova, who frequently has been in my tweets, died suddenly on Saturday night. We still don’t know what happened, but the vet thinks it was FIP.

After dealing with datetime fun (I have some feelings about dates in JavaScript🤦‍♀️) now has upcoming inspection info for . Most are inspected every two years

I worked on over the summer while, and finished it this fall. More details about the site can be found here: Many thanks to those who helped me along the way, and thanks to for designing the graphics!

What this data doesn't tell me: railroad and pedestrian bridge condition ratings are not included (so no checking up on footbridges ☹️) I'm currently working on inspection data (there are 220k bridges due for inspection in the next year)

Iowa has the highest proportion of poorly rated on a state by state basis. 1 in 5 in Iowa are in poor or worse condition. uses to aggregate information (including condition ratings, traffic, and year built) about on a geographic basis. You can additionally filter by types and materials.

Yesterday visited an ailing in New Hampshire. With the passage of the it's time to take a look at the that need help the most. I built to find where is failing.


This is the NH 175 bridge. It opened back in 1939 and has been structurally deficient for years. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law I signed yesterday will help transform the bridge and countless others across the country.


I've been wrestling with hierarchies this morning (trying to get database information into the right shape) and I accidentally made the imperial logo.


The next time you hear that software is not powerful, think of IFC.js eating rebar models alive like nothing 💪⚡🤯

💛 Courtesy Franklin Cabrera and QC Ingenieros for the model!


Today in , I can't find the original for the Coronado Bridge in San Diego. I can find records of the seismic retrofits, and the architectural designer (Robert Mosher), but no information on the SEOR or team that actually executed the work.

For me, it's just way more rewarding figuring out how to write something that will cover 90% of the boring use cases, and leave the 10% challenging/non-standard edge cases for engineers to actually engineer.

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