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Starting to think I should just do a blanket ban on all NFT-related stuff on my feed...

Me to my cats as I get my silly side project web scraper fully working

I am more than happy to give out career advice for s that want to transition to tech, but damn, I do *not* appreciate it when it’s just blatant fishing for a job referral to my current employer.

I can *very* much tell when someone is saying “that’s so interesting” while going through their checklist to calculate how much value they can get out of the conversation. It’s one of the things I *loathed* about most social interactions at an Ivy League during undergrad. 🤬

Why is conference software *so* bad? Back in 2019, I wrote a web scraper to get all the authors and presentation titles as a csv for the IABSE conference using because you had to click session by session in the schedule (and day by day) to get a modal and then click through the modal to actually see the presentation names and abstracts. There was no single pdf or way of viewing abbreviated info all at once (let alone search it).

Looks like I’m about to do that again 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I haven’t worked in in a while (I’m primarily using and right now), and damn is it super satisfying to just fire up ipython and muck around in a script. I haven’t used in a while, but it’s like riding a bicycle.

Guilt is the enemy of projects.

The more projects you have, the more guilty you feel about working on any one of them—because then you’re not working on the others, and those other projects haven’t yet achieved their goals.

I claim that the cure for guilt is to include comprehensive documentation and tests! Can't feel guilty if it's got those.

(That's what I tell myself anyway!)

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A tiny one for #projects today.

My personal blog still stores its content in the DB using XHTML - a decision I made 15 years ago? It even has some features that work against the XML document tree.

Writing XHTML by hand isn't much fun. I decided to mostly switch to Markdown, with the least development effort I could get away with.

The result was - a tool that lets you paste in Markdown and get back HTML. It uses GitHub's API under the hood.

Haven’t done much coding for fun in the last two months between becoming a tech lead on a different project, vacation, and some horrendous jet lag. A lot of the stuff I’d like to work on takes up too much bandwidth right now.

But my friend gave me a really horrible web scraping and data viz idea I can probably execute in a weekend so…

Sometimes is a good way to get out of a programming rut.

Me on Twitter: "this person is really obnoxious but I don't want to risk upsetting them because they're popular in my industry"
Me on Mastodon:

Hello people of #nixos and #infosec, what firewall would you recommend that runs on NixOS?

I appreciate boosts.

I’m joining 70,000 staff members from 150 universities across the UK striking over major cuts to our pension, real terms pay cuts, the gender and ethnic pay gap, unsustainably high workloads, and job insecurity. #ucurising @ucu @ucuedinburgh

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

LB caption: don’t chase your dreams! Humans are persistence predators. Follow your dreams at a sustainable pace, until they get tired and lie down.

It’s 2022 — why would you choose MySQL over PostgreSQL or vice versa?

PostgreSQL won me on JSONB, and I have been “defaulting” to PostgreSQL in recent years.

In more generic setup, I realize I don’t really care which to use. Is there still strong arguments (read: use cases / advantages) for one over the other?

cozy in a mac rom scarf. specifically this is a slice of the ROM from a Macintosh IIsi. here's how it was made. i used @th 's script and the mac roms on archive dot org

if you have ImageMagick already installed:

$ perl -y 1280 -w 32 mac_rom_archive_-_as_of_8-19-2011/36B7FB6C\ -\ Mac\ IIsi.ROM \ | convert - maciisi.png

Then a slice four columns wide was taken of the resulting image and knit into a scarf. The scarf is 1280 pixels/knit stitches long and therefore wraps natively in the columns of the scarf. if you want to make your own, you'll need a hacked consumer knitting machine or an industrial knitting machine or someone with a setup to machine knit it for you.

A friend that is a former said she tells people she used to work for a non-profit, which is such a sick burn as it’s a job that

1. Directly benefits society
2. No one really knows about/understands
3. Pays crap
4. Is (overall) not profitable

To be clear, these are tailored contacts, sometimes from people I’ve connected with previously within the company.

I’ll open up the job description and it’s like, must have SE license (not me), PhD (definitely not me), high fidelity experience, commercial software design experience, and expert level . To find someone that fits those requirements they need someone probably about 45 years old.

Likely pay? Around 100k

And they’re surprised they can’t fill the position?

It’s weird to me that I’ve been out of the industry for a bit, and I’m now being contacted at least once a week by engineering companies that have software or analytic positions and are now having a hard time filling them (some have been open for months, or even well over a year).

Back when I *wanted* that kind of role, these companies wouldn’t give me the time of day.

Now that I have *software engineer* on my resume, I’m suddenly considered a worthy candidate?

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