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Just spent ~4 hours editing the audio for my undergraduate thesis. Two Transitions, a podcast in which I discuss gender with my 6th grade teacher. Episode 4 now available on MixCloud:

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I'm Nat! She/her, writer and coder from Salt Lake City. I work in connectomics at the Moran Eye Center and also for the MineRL project ( which I'm writing a stage play inspired by. Also into screenwriting, sketch comedy, and zine-making.

concept: that voice you use for talking to animals is actually your real voice and the voice you use for talking to people for business meetings is a fake voice invented to help pretend capitalism makes any sense

The first one was honestly way more fun than I was expecting based on how I remembered it--but the second one has added all these terrible gimmicky systems that are holding all the good parts hostage. And so many cutscenes that are just the exact plot of shitty disney movies, replicated in the KH canon for no reason

I think if I had built my character with less skill points in nostalgia and pride, and more skill points in self respect and taste, I would be able to walk away from the shitshow that is playing through all the Kingdom Hearts games on the highest difficulty setting.

Can someone go to my desktop and type "git push" so I don't have to get out of bed

Who needs web browsers anyway. Just curl that shit and interpret it in your head, it's not that hard

When we talk about Jeff Bezos as a villain, we should really be using his more accurate South Park depiction as the visual representation

don't call yourself a 90s kid if you're not in your 90s

i think we are getting to the point where even conservatives deep down know this country sucks dogshit, they just are terrified of any alternative

feel like it says a lot that every guide about "what to do if you're pulled over by a cop" is basically written in the exact same voice as what to do if you run into a dangerous forest animal and need to appease it

4. "What a horrible night to have a curse." This is nonsense writing. Simon, you can't say that *every* night! Just say "Every night this curse is horrible." Or "I have a curse."

3. The fixed day-night cycle. It's so boring when I get to a place (i.e. town with all the doors shut) and have to wait several minutes for day before I can do the thing I came there for

2. The curse mechanic. Doing half damage half the time doesn't really make the fights more challenging, it just drags things out. And the curse message takes such a long time and you can't skip it.

1. For some reason I find it compelling. I want to know about Dracula's curse and find all 5 parts of Dracula. If this weren't the case, all other problems with the game would be moot because I could just walk away.

Things that are bad about Castlevania 2: A rant thread with Nat

They should have GWGOTY (Game-Within-a-Game Of The Year) wards. Demontower, the game within Night in the Woods, is incredible

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Nat's metaphysics/politics 

Nat's metaphysics/politics 

Nat's metaphysics/politics 

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