Things that are bad about Castlevania 2: A rant thread with Nat

1. For some reason I find it compelling. I want to know about Dracula's curse and find all 5 parts of Dracula. If this weren't the case, all other problems with the game would be moot because I could just walk away.

2. The curse mechanic. Doing half damage half the time doesn't really make the fights more challenging, it just drags things out. And the curse message takes such a long time and you can't skip it.

3. The fixed day-night cycle. It's so boring when I get to a place (i.e. town with all the doors shut) and have to wait several minutes for day before I can do the thing I came there for

4. "What a horrible night to have a curse." This is nonsense writing. Simon, you can't say that *every* night! Just say "Every night this curse is horrible." Or "I have a curse."

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