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I knew Dark Souls was going to be HARD -- Hard As Rocks, Difficult. But now that I've reached Blighttown I also learned it is SCARY -- Such Cool monsters, i am Afraid, Really, Yikes!

The Zoom-staged reading of my play Survival Instinct is now recorded and on YouTube:

I played so much consecutive Minecraft today that I couldn't possibly want to play more tomorrow. Right? That's how it works?

I hug the robot. You whisper to me through it. I run my hands trough its hair while I smile at your words.
Then I let go.
It nods and leaves.
In a few hours, it will arrive at your house, disinfect itself, and call me. And I will whisper to you while it caresses you like I would.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

more abstractly, the idea of 'intelligence' as a single, dimensionless quantity that can be objectively measured is itself necessary reactionary. you cannot put people on a ladder from 'best' to 'worst' based on a standardised test and expect the result to be anything but phrenology

Animal Crossing self pwn: I shot down a balloon gift but it landed in the river. Then my slingshot broke.

Writing can be ok but have you tried HAVING WRITTEN? That's the real shit

we need the culture of the mid-20th century to enter the public domain

it's criminal that it hasn't

The cool thing about evolutionary psychology is that it's complete horseshit and if anyone ever mentions it favorably to you, you never have to speak to that person again

This exchange via Slack is a perfect illustration of why I love my new job

SMH at cancel culture even affecting NetHack... "Foocubi can spontaneously become cancelled."

Feels like I've had more stapler problems in the last two years than all my life combined. This could either be explained by statistics (my writing workshop classes and zine making have me printing and stapling more volume than I ever have), or by some vague superstition that I invent right now. I think I choose superstition.

Fuck you, stapler.

Also, the irony of rooming with an EMT but not having band aids around the apartment.

> I keep fingernail clippers on my keychain because I'm prone to losing them
> Go climbing at the student gym before evening class
> Realize my fingernails are long and will scratch on the rocks in that terrible way
> Realize I am a graduating senior, therefore I give zero fucks what anyone at the gym thinks of me
> Clip my nails right then and there

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