Lots of folks warning that overreliance on AIs can lead to bias.

But that can sound a bit abstract, so let's just leave these examples here.

#CHATGPT #AI #bias

If you like a post on #Mastodon, feel free to click the star. Ignore anyone who says it's useless because there is no algorithm.

If you want more people to see the post, boost πŸ” it as well, but don't assume that telling someone you enjoy what they posted is unimportant.

Real life has no #algorithm. I don't compliment someone by saying "excellent job," "well said," or "I love that" to please them. I do it because they deserve it.

This is the essence of being social.

God, search results are about to become absolute hot GARBAGE in 6 months when everyone and their mom start hooking up large language models to popular search queries and creating SEO-optimized landing pages with plausible-sounding results.

debugging strategy: try out a new tool

(are there any major categories of tools I'm missing here?)

Maslowβ€”the one from the hierarchy of needsβ€”spent time with the Blackfoot tribe, where he found astounding levels of cooperation, minimal inequality, restorative justice, full bellies, and high levels of life satisfaction. Self-actualization was the norm.

80–90% of the Blackfoot tribe had a quality of self-esteem that was only found in 5–10% of his own population.

He never published his findings out of fear of losing academic standing...


#maslow #firstpeoples

A little known feature of #Mastodon is the ability to create your own personal notes about an account.
This is a great way to potentially remind yourself why you follow particular accounts (or just about any other reason you can think of).

Also, these notes are private. The account does not know what you have written down, nor the fact that you have even made these notes.

Please #boost to help spread the knowledge around your networks. ☺️
#MastodonTips #Feditips #Notes

You, a rube and a fool: Phrenology is thoroughly debunked and was just a cover for bigotry.

Me, growing more brilliant and powerful by the day: Reshaping my skull is a small price to pay to be better at crime!

i think helix might actually be good enough at this point for me to give switching away from vim a shot - being able to actually fix bugs or add features in it on my own without having to interact with 80's-era c is a huge draw

Rogue One hits hard after Andor Season 1.

@dave @Bam @thetitanborn

1) Don't ask Black users to CW discussions of their own racism.

2) Don't be on a server where mods mistreat Black folk.

3) Support the mods on your own server, financially and otherwise.

4) Don't engage with sea lions that say "Mistreatment? Here? prove it!" There have been enough threads shared on Black folk receiving racism. Individually convincing each one is exhausting, and expecting that is a tactic of bad faith actors.

Unpopular opinion: we should normalize black people coming to Mastodon, being safe and speaking their minds.

They might talk about internal discomfort and biases we might hold.

It's not their responsibility to educate us. It's our responsibility to create a place where black people are accepted.

I was looking at the news this morning and I think it's the perfect time to bring this up.

#unity #responsibility #blackpride #minoritized #black

Hmm, Santa is the all-seeing in his stronghold in the north. He has a non-human army working for him.

Fear Christmas

Canary post. Can one of you on a different instance retoot this? Thx

Adulthood is equal parts β€˜nobody can tell me what to do’ and β€˜I wish someone would tell me what to do’

"Nobody uses Rust in production", he emailed (with Thunderbird) from his laptop (running Windows) to a mailing list (on AWS, behind Cloudflare), which I then read (in Firefox) on my phone (running Android) after clicking a link (in Discord) to the list archive (served by Fastly).

Was finally able to write-up a little more detail about the production problems we faced with #Hachyderm last week. This covers the migration out of our basement and into Digital Ocean and Hetzner.

I can't say enough about the team who worked so hard on this. I shared some screenshots in the blog, but you would have to have been there to really see how powerful this group of wonderful people really is.

@dma @quintessence @Taniwha @hazelweakly @malte #mastoadmin


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