Recurse center is the best community I've experienced.

Is there any kind of strategy game framework that handles sci-fi battles?
I'd like to recreate and try to understand battles by Honor Harrington, Lieutenant Leary and more.

I was in bed eleven hours last night after my first stage moderna vaccine, and I'm still tired and not really focused on this talk.

I made my girlfriend draw this 'bare metal server'
pun. No regrets.

OH: You know what really turns me on? Going on a date where we get vaccinated.

You hear the strangest things when getting a state funded vaccine.

The artist has not seen a real keyboard or laptop. (Appleseed (1988))

re start the personal computing revolutions 

I've also implemented functions for extracting the infohash from magnet links and constructing magnet links from infohashes, with potentially different trackers and no title, obviously. So torrents available via the mainline DHT could easily be shared through posts of 40 or more words.

From my quick test, it's not hard to think of prose corresponding to the prefixes, but 40 words might take a while. Maybe I should feed it through some kind of language model?

Do children like Star Wars, or do Dads like Star Wars and children aren't old enough to have cultivated their own tastes yet?

quick disco breakfast* then I'm off!

*nothing but bangers

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