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One time I cleared out a bus when the cheese got too warm.
Cheese on commute can lead to social distancing.

I put in too many onions, but only I noticed, since I'm the only one who got vaccinated

Advantage of cooking for a household with COVID: they can't taste anything, I can add any spices I like.

If you can read this, you are not too old to improve your life and the world around you.

First time I spent way too much on a laptop that was more powerful than most desktops, I somehow magically expected that to improve my programming skills.
But it didn't, not at all.

That's far too much to spend on a laptop, but I may give in to retail therapy anyway.

Everything is getting to "too much" for most people these days. The people who tend to be the most resilient have had people leaning on them without a break for a long while, and they're also starting to crack.

If there is someone in your circle you think isn't struggling, reach out to them. There's a significant chance they need a little emotional care right now, because they're probably providing a lot of it to others.

Why are there duplicates in my zsh history file?

Looks like I didn't set enough options: unix.stackexchange.com/a/62536

What's the best first guess in wordle? Did some quick analysis on the hardcoded #wordle lists
- Word with the highest likelihood of each independent letter being correct: "slate"
- Word that rules out the most incorrect words: "canoe"

someone suggested I "slow roll" the REST queries instead of switching to GraphQL, so that's the backup plan if this doesn't work out.

I found a prototype of this from three years ago, cargo culting that code did not work.
So, today's task is to figure out how to use Morpheus to generate a Haskell binding for the GitHub GraphQL API.

here it is with an underlayer of particle hair but it would be pretty similar for real-time

re: food 

I've been exposed to several people who have been exposed to several people with positive COVID tests.
Should I be scared instead of merely irritated?

Imagine that on day one of class in fourth grade your teacher walked in and said:

"This year, we're going to recreate 20 major technological advancements of human society from Ancient Rome through the industrial revolution."

And then every week, you did that?

I found what looks to be a reasonable GraphQL client library for Haskell morpheusgraphql.com/
and now I'm figuring out how to use that to send the query.
Pagination in GraphQL is interesting, looks like I pass in the cursor from the last query: graphql.org/learn/pagination/

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