I bought a dog from a blacksmith last weekend. As soon as I put him down in my living room he made a bolt for the door.

Homebrew Metrology the CERN Way

We won’t pretend to fully grok everything going on with this open-source 8.5-digit voltmeter that [Marco Reps] built. After all, the design came from the wizards at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, ho… https://hackaday.com/2021/02/26/homebrew-metrology-the-cern-way/

Original tweet : https://twitter.com/hackaday/status/1365231793973133312

joke time!
What do the Uruk-Hai use to schedule their invasions?
orc-mode !

It’s almost the end of but here’s my dum dum Nova rendered with the @pimoroni@twitter.com . It’s a significant improvement over the .

Whenever I complain I can't find music I want in FLAC or CD, people offer to hook me up with private torrents sites. That's kind, but I prefer to respect copyright, and I just wish the music industry didn't so such a poor job of actually SELLING ME MUSIC.

Of course, this is nothing new. We borrow from ourselves. We tell old stories in new ways. We are creatures of folklore.

Modern copyright law + modern media reproduction technologies = the way we have always told stories is now more difficult and occasionally illegal.

I met Jef Raskin shortly before he died. I'm still a fan of his work, especially The Humane Interface.

I'm looking for an affordable braille display because I'd like to get one to make to help reporting usability issue for people relying on braille.

I'd emphasize on OS installation, shell usage and command line tools. I may even use the computer screen-less :flan_think:

If it would be considered a bad idea, tell me.

Boost appreciated :flan_thumbs:

@shapr when your APFS container gets deleted, short of finding someone versed in data forensics to manually reconstruct it, that data is gone. What happened is diskutils not going "can you confirm you wanted to delete 22 volumes?" so you can go "what? fuck no, let me fix this command"

I'm tempted to start a series of articles reviewing PhD theses.
Except I'll cover style and content like it's a freestyle skiing competition.

We at https://antei.de have developed a little web application to bring together hair stylists and customers in #bielefeld and #owl once they are able to open up again. We called it "Bad Hair Date". Nerd bonus: it's written in #Haskell 😸 https://badhair.date

Burbullas xeadas. Parece maxia.

Congelación de burbujas. Parece magia.

MacOS: we don't want you to use a computer, we just want you to use our apps.

Once I gave a presentation on Mars Robots to 6 years and heavily anthropomorphized the robots. Then one of them asked when the robots would come home.

As the shock and horror spread across their faces, I realized that I had not adequately prepared for this lesson.

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