We're not flowers, we're bumblebees, yeah!


There's a reason I advocate for software freedom & "Linux" phones! So we can be more aware of such censorship & easily remove it. So we aren't so wasteful with our hardware.


Also this anti-China hawkishness is really heating up over the past week...

"why dont you have a scroll wheelllll"
I use this mouse
(Yes even for fps games)

Next year, my older son starts highschool. They use MS Office 365, which I consider a tragic waste. I feel very strongly that my boy shouldn't have to install any Microsoft (or any other proprietary) products in order to study at a public school. It's ethically indefensible, esp on his Linux-powered laptop. He can use excellent, functionally equivalent #FOSS & if the tech staff don't 'get it' & insist on MSO, then they'll have a major problem on their hands. Summary: https://davelane.nz/explainer-digitech-risks-school-boards

My advisor gave me this little list of questions for research when I started working with him, and I've kept it pinned up in my office space ever since. It's surprisingly relevant, even outside academic research.

You know what I want, I want a better option when some site says, "to access this file we need to see and download your entire address book". I want more than "yes" or "no". I want "lie to it." Give it an address book full of noise. Tell Dropbox I only know one person, but he's the Pope."

me yesterday: *learns that the word 'detergent' is ultimately rooted in Latin dētergēre, to wipe off/wipe away/clean by wiping*

me today cleaning, spraying something down with cleaner and getting a paper towel ready: time to deterge

On vacation, but finally got @ifcopenshell@twitter.com to build on my Mac: special snowflake build details inside —> mclare.blog/posts/building-ifc

Would there be interest in a group buy of a keyboard like this? If there's interest, I can do some cost research and figure out what a good breakeven point would be.

CC @technomancy (in case you have followers who might be interested)

Latest iteration of @technomancy 's Atreus keyboard.

The plates are made of steel, and the keycaps are made of steel and brass.

I drew my girlfriend's dog (right) and framed it as a joke and she drew mine (left) in return so I framed it as well

#dog #dogs

Worf: People are always saying things to me.
Jadzia: Like what?
Worf: Anything. I hate it and it needs to stop.

Pres. Biden announces all contractors who want to work with the fed gov need to get vaccinated. Employers with 100+ employees will also have to provide paid time off to get vaccinated.

[:tw: https://tweets.newsbots.eu/nowthisnews/status/1436078019072995334#bot]

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