Pine phone works? I want to make it a bluetooth music player, so I get to load my music on the 512 GB sd card I just got.

Is there some way to convert a hash, say 5th, into a musical chord?
I have this idea for audible process status

I realized (in part) why browsing i2p has been so slow for me despite being well-integrated in the network

I've been usiing SSH to forward the HTTP proxy port from my VPS to my laptop, which is literally the exact way you get a TCP meltdown scenario; it's an HTTP proxy (a TCP-based protocol) over SSH (another TCP protocol)

for anyone that hasn't heard of the TCP meltdown effect, this is the guy that coined the term:


Our little IDEA store is now shipping to all of Europe – and by popular demand, we added all instructions as posters! 🤩

old mare yells at software developers, my thoughts on "ethical licenses", caps, scorching take 

I want cool stickers to put on my laptop, any suggestions?

Do you remember those times when medicine ‘professionals’ refused the idea of hand washing?
We are in this very phase when software ‘professionals’ refuse to use proper type systems.

Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

Is there a tool to scrape my playlists off google music before it's down forever?

I enjoy collecting offbeat technology.
Trivia questions: What is this? What organization logo is on the side? What year was this made?

Some things I learned of too late in life
For example, the famous french butt trumpeter of the 1800s, why didn't I learn about that person in middle school?

I liked Google music, now it's going away and I want my music local.

When I was self employed, I gave a price to accomplish a task. I finished more things in less time than if I were paid hourly.
I think hourly pay is a trap, but it's hard to escape.

I'm a developer seeking a job in:

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