Without checking Google, do you think HTTP is part of the operating system kernel?

I just realized global warming will change recipes. Humidity and temperature won't be the same anymore.
What's the recipe for airborne ash?

♻️ Oberon the language, Oberon the GUI, Oberon the hardware 

«We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.»

— Jaron Lanier

♻️ turns out genuine Transsylvanian gear is extremely goth 

Got comments on my Norwegian translation from aphyr, achievement unlocked?

@natecull @byron @enkiv2
In my humble opinion, there's a lot of exploration to do, but we are stuck in this post-PC phase where the convenience of having our systems online & available outweigh the apparent advantages of having computing be personal, be thing we can change & control & orchestrate & customize.

We are all trapped, bound to online cloud mainframes that offer us only a small slice of the world they contain & computer, where all powers we receive must be baked into the application layer & there is no cloud os we can expect.

The challenge seems obvious, that we are all online, but supplicants. We could have a million responses to disinformation, to bad actors, try & discover what works to grow healthily together, but we are locked onto these giant properties, reliant on them to give us all tools & systems for socialization about this hostile environment. We must begin to be of our own minds, bring our own minds online. #noospherics

I ask this every once in a while and come up empty usually, but is there a Linux/Android device equivalent to the iPod touch?

- No phone!
- Small!
- Pretty good camera
- Wifi only

I don't care about apps, storage size or expandability, battery life (beyond a few hours), or screen size.

Anything I should look at? Anything in the pipeline? Pinephone sounds pretty sweet but I don't want phone stuff

:heart_pride:​ I would like to have no gender
🇺🇸 No, you must have a gender
:heart_pride:​ Fine, I would like to form a corporation
🇺🇸 Okay
:heart_pride:​ This corporation will represent me in all things
🇺🇸 Okay
:heart_pride:​ This corporation has no gender
🇺🇸 Wait-

what search algorithm did the wise men use to find the baby jesus 

"The Social Dilemma, a new documentary from Netflix, is a pretty fascinating watch, not least because it shows how well the tech industry understands what it is doing to us, and even how full of regret it is at its own impact. But, on the whole, this Netflix-hosted self-flagellation makes for a weird and somewhat confused watch."


That's really nice design, wish it said something about Linux edition

Meanwhile, in the hellhole of post-COVID civil unrest that New Zealand has descended into

<<Mystery seal blocks lane, then flees Wellington Urban Motorway >>


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