How do I browse an entire instance for people I might want to follow?


By visiting the instances site basically.
The easiest way to find people you want to follow is either to check out hashtags you find interesting, or check out Trunk -

@selea tack!
Mastodon är en ny grej för mig, jag lära mig mycket!
Också min svenska är inte så bra tio år efter jag flyttade hemma till USA


Mastodon är mycket trevligt!
Din svenska är bra! Men det är alltid bra att öva :)
Hoppas du kommer trivas i Fediversumet!

@selea @shapr if you use the #bitlbee-mastodon plugin, the command for that is "timeline local".

@shapr You can use this tool to see the recent posts in any instance's local timeline:
And you can check out the profile directory, which people with 10 or more followers can opt into, by adding /explore after the instance name, like so:

@shapr That's how you say "Thanks" in Swedish! Cool! :) Even if, knowing me, I'll probably forget it in a couple hours ...
Z veseljem. :)
(With joy, how you say "You're welcome" in Slovenian.)

@Mayana "with joy" is the best I've heard from any language!

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