My work MacBook has 32 GB of RAM. Compared to my personal laptop with 128 GB of RAM, this Mac feels like clothing that doesn't fit.
This Mac keeps getting slower until I reboot, maybe I should switch to a Linux VM so I'm back in my comfort zone.

@coffe Jo, men nästan aldrig kan använda alla, också kan inte hibernate! Hibernate måste ha mer swap än RAM! Min nixOS drive har swap som räcker, vi få se.
Jag kodar Haskell, och vill ha mer CPU än RAM. GHC kan använda mycket mer CPU än RAM. *Suck* ( det betyder 'sigh', jo? Punny!)

@shapr GHC must be happy.

I feel GHC developers should all use ~5 year old machines to see some optimizations in memory and build time..

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