Refreshing my #cabal knowledge. It's probably a good time to give it another shot and consider moving away from #stack. #haskell

@raichoo I’m no real-Haskell-dev but I’ve been Nix+Cabaling for a while. I’m curious about what it would be like to drop the Nix part of that.

@brad Never worked with Nix so I can't tell. But I've used `stack` and `cabal` for quite a while. I think it's a good time to return to `cabal` now.


@raichoo @brad I'm going to nix from cabal, because of faster compiles

@shapr @raichoo you mean Nix for getting deps in place then something like `runhaskell Setup.hs`? Or just straight `ghc Main.hs --build-dir etc...`?

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