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Is there an 'atomic' C-x s for ?
I want to be asked about all the bus at once, then have the files saved all at once so my file watching build tool won't waste time.

I haven't done binary protocols in Haskell in years, but I signed up for DNS server workshop on Saturday, I need to practice!

I wonder if stack test and cabal test return different exit codes for typecheck failure and test failure?
That would be useful for my test status LED board. That way I could do yellow for test failure and red for typecheck failure?

Today a coworker taught me in magit I can apply hunks of a git stash by expanding the hunk and pressing 'a' on each piece. This is cool!

Whenever I get too stressed out, I read the recurse center blogging feed.
So many creative people doing amazing things, I get inspired!

OH: semper filis! always wires!
I think this is a reactionary viewpoint against wireless. I also agree.

> iPhone users, like the underprivileged, also don’t own a smartphone; rather, they’ve bought a phone that can only be used for Apple-sanctioned activities.


It's "burying the lede" not "burying the lead" ARGH

> It's been a long time since I was excited by a new piece of software the way I was excited by Loglo, Avi Bryant's new creation. Loglo is "LOGO for the Glowforge", an experimental programming environment for creating SVG images. That's not a problem I need to solve, but the way Loglo works drew me in immediately. It consists of a stack programming language and a set of primitives for describing vector graphics, integrated into a spreadsheet interface. It's the use of a stack language to program a spreadsheet that excites me so much.


Loglo is an experimental programming environment by Avi Bryant. It's currently focused on the narrow domain of producing SVG output to feed to a CNC machine or laser cutter.

Loglo integrates:

* A spreadsheet-style user interface
* A Postscript-like minimalist stack-based language
* An immutable compositional API for describing vector graphics


"In 1961, the Polish-Australian astronomer Antoni Przybylski discovered that this star had a peculiar spectrum that would not fit into the standard framework for stellar classification.Przybylski's observations indicated unusually low amounts of iron and nickel in the star's spectrum, but higher amounts of unusual elements like strontium, holmium, niobium, scandium, yttrium, caesium, neodymium, praseodymium, thorium, ytterbium, and uranium. In fact, at first Przybylski doubted that iron was present in the spectrum at all. Modern work shows that the iron-group elements are somewhat below normal in abundance, but it is clear that the lanthanides and other exotic elements are highly overabundant.

Przybylski's Star also contains many different short-lived actinide elements with actinium, protactinium, neptunium, plutonium, americium, curium, berkelium, californium, and einsteinium being detected. The longest-lived isotope of einsteinium has a half-life of only 472 days. Other radioactive elements discovered in this star include technetium and promethium.

Compared to neighboring stars, HD 101065 has a high peculiar velocity of 23.8 ± 1.9 km/s."

this star always seemed like one of those wild real mysteries of the universe. it should not have those elements in the star, they're extremely rare and some only discovered by man made nuclear physics here on earth. what's up with that?

I think laptop weight numbers should include the power brick, otherwise the number is misleading.

When I see people not wearing a mask I'm tempted to pull down my mask and cough on them.

Good idea: public code reviews that last forever so you can learn from the insight of others.
I'm surprised there's but already a culture around this.

Good idea: use the semantic library from GitHub to build language specific merge tools.
There's only one for c# that I've been able to find. More are needed!

Running bikeshod over an idea is my favorite new expression

I don't have any interest in paying for an operating system that removes my access to its internals.
I have negative interest in spending any of my brain on OS X or Windows.

I'm starting to think that pull requests that are explicitly "no ticket" are a sign of a healthy engineering culture.

fast casual dining implies the existence of slow competitive dining

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