@Mayana Please add me to Architecture, Blogging, Cooking, Engineering, New York City.

@stevenleeg I would love to! However, it looks like you just joined, and so haven't had a chance to post much yet. We decided that we'll only accept Trunk applications once a user has been active for at least some time. It means we get less accounts who post a couple things and then leave, which means less cleanup for us later.
I'll write down a note, but just in case, could you remind me if you're still interested a couple days from now? I can add you then. ☺️

@Mayana Yeah totally reasonable. I’ll circle back once I’ve had a chance to fill things in a bit more. Thanks for putting this together btw!

@stevenleeg Awesome, thanks!
No need to thank me. This awesome project was the idea of @kensanata . I actually joined the admin team only recently (and am glad I did!)

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