I've been trying to set up various Matrix bridges to achieve the holy grail of one messaging app for all of my chats but boy is it messy.

It's looking increasingly like the easier path is just to tell all of my friends that I no longer have iMessage and to reach me via... idk what's a reasonable messaging protocol that people actually have these days??

I am frustrated with walled gardens today!

on the bright side, each time I make an attempt at bridging some messaging protocol with Matrix I've been populating my Zettelkasten with notes. Maybe one day the collected knowledge over time + various progress on these open source bridges will yield a success.

I'm hoping the adoption of a proper note taking system will allow me to remember the details of my various nonsensical side projects rather than the usual cycle of forgetting what I did and starting from scratch a few months later.

@stevenleeg oh, great question! i think in the u.s. / nyc more and more people are using signal? it seems/is reasonable, but don't know if you can bridge it with matrix, though...

@sejo yeah signal has been up and coming in popularity with some of my more privacy aware friends. recently I've been advocating against it since the signal team is very against third party clients and that seems kinda fishy to me. Matrix seems like it accomplishes everything Signal does + it's decentralized which vibes with me much better.

That said, mautrix has an unofficial signal bridge for matrix but I haven't been having a ton of luck getting these set up so far: docs.mau.fi/bridges/python/sig

@sejo honestly, I think I'm just being picky though. Signal _is_ a marked improvement over SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram, etc. etc.

@stevenleeg yeah, i went through something like that... even went almost a year without mobile phone, communicating via e-mail only because almost no one wanted to try xmpp, matrix, or something (some people did try jami, that was nice :)

i don't know what to say or recommend... for me, at some point it was more important to "stay connected" than champion those ideals of mine to the extreme / martyrdom :sadlinux:

@sejo haha I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's gone through a phase like this at least 😆

I think the hacky bridges might be my best bet, as I don't want to go too off the grid at this point in my life. I'll keep poking around with them every so often as they get improved on and see if I can get a win one day. Will keep ya posted here if I succeed in finding the Holy Grail of Messaging Unification.

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