hi everyone. just a heads up that I'm migrating mastodon instances and will be posting from @vesto from now on. come follow me there if you'd like to keep up with my shenanigans!

not a ton of stuff up just yet, but I'm planning on adding pages for things like restaurants I like/recommend in nyc, more good internet links, and some vegan recipes I've been cooking lately.

nyc is dark, sad, and very much in pandemic mode again. this wiki is where im trying to pour my effort in order to keep myself distracted until my next semester of grad school starts.

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ok still very much so a work in progress but I added a wiki section to my website! stevegattuso.me/wiki

@shapr ooh yes I forgot about them. I've been using sourcehut's bouncer to start out with but that might be worth a try if I decide to double down. thanks for the rec!

re: the drew's discord article: for a while I was on the matrix bandwagon, convinced that all of these nifty bridges and interfaces were going to save us from chat protocol hell. after a few weeks of using it I more or less came to the conclusion that the clients are wayy too complicated/bloated for even technical users. it was disappointing, but I'm starting to discover irc again and honestly I think it's good enough with the exception of the lack of mobile client.

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@mclare the only thing I really use it for anymore is an up-to-date resume but honestly it's only because I haven't had time to transfer it over to my personal website yet.

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i just had the most undeniably new yorkian experience of getting chased out of an outdoor dining booth by two rats fighting and squealing. why do i still love this city...

daily.tinyprojects.dev/paper_w - I love the idea of this but there is no way any OCR software could recognize even 20% my scratch print handwriting hehe

"This website runs on a solar powered server located in Barcelona, and will go off-line during longer periods of bad weather. This page shows live data relating to power supply, power demand, and energy storage." - solar.lowtechmagazine.com/powe

@neauoire @kornifex@mastodon.social @rek I've been waiting for it for months now!!! loved this book and thank you for making it a physical object <3

@kornifex@mastodon.social @rek @neauoire wait what there are PRINTED COPIES?? /me rushes to the store page and instantly buys

@samhenrigold@mastodon.online is this real? i love it

hey @rek found a super minor typo on grimgrains.com/site/crackers.h - I think "Sometimes we make crackers that are 100& spelt flour" should have a % instead of an &. otherwise ty for the great recipe!!

@shapr haha that's what I really should have done but this was for my spatial analysis class and was due over thanksgiving break so I was a bit time constrained

@sejo thanks!! I think mexico has something similar though idk if they have it realtime increments like other electricity markets do: datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/gen

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