@th just a sidenote: all of your amsterdam pics make me jealous of how pretty it is there. makes me want to move from new amsterdam to og amsterdam!

@sejo yeah that's a recipe for disaster if I get distracted for a few days hahah

@sejo I so want to join this club but am too nervous to do it with my normal mason jars because one of my friends has a story of one detonating in his cabinet 馃槶. I need to make a pit stop at my local home store to grab the jar that you have.

ok grad school made me write a blog post and I finally just hit submit on the assignment. feast your eyes on this!


@kensanata if you want some literature to back up that "stay small" opinion (and also provide a good argument for mastodon's federated architecture), check out leopold kohr's "the breakdown of nations": goodreads.com/book/show/172346

Hastily written, but we had a reading in my history/theory of planning class that I think is really applicable to tech and I wanted to get something down before I move onto the next thing:


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@babelcarp @kensanata I had to stop reading as soon as I saw "on the blockchain."

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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

ooh maybe I should be getting into gemini now that I'm in grad school and don't have time for complex web protocols 馃槑 drewdevault.com/2020/11/01/Wha

wow wait I've been looking for something like gath.io/ for such a long time... this @darius is kinda my hero right now.

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I've been building a Facebook Events style event organizing system for the Fediverse. It's based on the simple, open source, privacy-respecting event organizing tool https://gath.io

The attached video is a work-in-progress preview and shows compatibility with Mastodon. My hope is to get it working with lots of software, including stuff like Friendica that supports events and calendars.

Check out more at my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/organizing-on-32729070

While doing some research for a paper I'm writing on Mastodon I ran into this awesome guide from @darius: runyourown.social/#beyond-loca

I specifically love the idea of adding neighborhoods in Mastodon. This would be great for those of us on small servers who would like more interesting/trusted content for the "local" timeline, especially since the federated timeline is pretty much useless.

@mclare ugh yes. in theory beeper.com/ sounds great but in practice I don't really want to give some company MITM access to all of my messages. I've tried setting up some of these matrix puppets myself with limited degrees of success and then gave up :/

@sejo oooh I hadn't seen this script, thanks for the link! I might use it in the meantime while I wait for the new version to come out/for my instance admin to upgrade (cc @wesleyac)

awesome to see mastodon merging an auto-delete feature. I like my social media presence to be ephemeral, but have been procrastinating on building a script to automatically delete old toots. looks like I won't need it! github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p

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