@shapr yeahhh that's fair. sometimes it's rare and outrageously expensive. and wait didn't google play go the way of greader?

@mclare looks sweet! you have anything in particular you're using it for?

@shapr there's always the option of buying the physical media (vinyl or CD depending on how hardcore you want to be) and ripping it. Lets you get your FLAC while also paying artists!

@wesleyac you’re famous! saw your post come through my 250+ point hacker news rss feed 🎉 very cool article and, as a sidenote,down with daylight savings time!

I also had high hopes for getaether.net but @stavros’s experience makes me think something is not right there. (I haven’t tried it myself though)

a while ago I started writing a blog post about how communities don’t scale and why we should stop trying to make giant social networks work (ie twitter/fb). my argument was largely based on Dunbar’s number but reading goodreads.com/book/show/172346 has only made me think this is the case more.

soon ill finish writing this post (esp now that I have more ammunition for my argument), but for now I’d just like to say that I think the fediverse is a great idea.

@stavros I’m been pleasantly surprised that the tiki torch masses haven’t found their way to the fediverse yet. that or I have just yet to really discover them because I’m on a small instance... either way, my feed here is still much more pleasant than Twitter.

@keith change it to some sort of n-dimensional data structure if you want to really drive the point home 😁

I’ve been experimenting with Huginn lately and quite like it. It seems like you could accomplish most of what this does using a set of scripts with cron/smtp/a web server but I like that Huginn has all of the batteries included.

My current project is building YNAB/Venmo agents that can automatically charge people and create the appropriate YNAB transactions (in the correct budget) when I put something on my card to split (or a restaurant bill).

A decades old problem in that has the simplest of solutions which would benefit literally everybody: remove free on-street parking.


@wesleyac any reason why the profile directory is limited to those who have >10 followers? seems like that could be lower given that this instance has a pretty trusted set of users.

@Mayana Yeah totally reasonable. I’ll circle back once I’ve had a chance to fill things in a bit more. Thanks for putting this together btw!

@Mayana Please add me to Architecture, Blogging, Cooking, Engineering, New York City.

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