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@neauoire will let you know if my opinion changes after reading!

@neauoire haven't had a chance to read the paper but fwiw I work for an energy company that uses smart meter data to forecast demand. so far I'm relatively convinced that this is an important piece of the puzzle /towards/ a renewable-powered future, as it helps us determine energy consumption patterns that drive better forecasts which allow us to better allocate energy sources in advance rather than spinning up terrible diesel/coal gen at the last minute.

@rek do you have to carry a substantial amount of wood onboard to keep things warm when you sail around? or are you currently close enough to shore where you can get away with smaller bundles that you restock more often?

I think I've decided mastodon is an ok place to spend time on the internet. things are small, cozy, wholesome here; at least amongst the people I've followed so far.

keep up the good work, everyone. I feel like I'm on the good 'ol days of the internet again.

@sejo haha I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's gone through a phase like this at least πŸ˜†

I think the hacky bridges might be my best bet, as I don't want to go too off the grid at this point in my life. I'll keep poking around with them every so often as they get improved on and see if I can get a win one day. Will keep ya posted here if I succeed in finding the Holy Grail of Messaging Unification.

@sejo honestly, I think I'm just being picky though. Signal _is_ a marked improvement over SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram, etc. etc.

@sejo yeah signal has been up and coming in popularity with some of my more privacy aware friends. recently I've been advocating against it since the signal team is very against third party clients and that seems kinda fishy to me. Matrix seems like it accomplishes everything Signal does + it's decentralized which vibes with me much better.

That said, mautrix has an unofficial signal bridge for matrix but I haven't been having a ton of luck getting these set up so far:

on the bright side, each time I make an attempt at bridging some messaging protocol with Matrix I've been populating my Zettelkasten with notes. Maybe one day the collected knowledge over time + various progress on these open source bridges will yield a success.

I'm hoping the adoption of a proper note taking system will allow me to remember the details of my various nonsensical side projects rather than the usual cycle of forgetting what I did and starting from scratch a few months later.

I've been trying to set up various Matrix bridges to achieve the holy grail of one messaging app for all of my chats but boy is it messy.

It's looking increasingly like the easier path is just to tell all of my friends that I no longer have iMessage and to reach me via... idk what's a reasonable messaging protocol that people actually have these days??

I am frustrated with walled gardens today!

@readsteven shameless self plug but a while back I wrote about how to set up a self-hosted RSS aggregator!

@blinry congrats on making the change! I too was surprised by how little I actually missed cheese when I finally removed it from my regular diet.

I think i've also been more active lately because the mastodon ecosystem/apps seem to have matured quite a bit. tip of the hat to @Gargron for this rad and shiny new iOS app.

I deleted all of my normal social media accounts because I couldn't control myself/would always scroll through the endless feeds. although I've had mastodon for a while I'm just now discovering cool people to follow and find myself once again checking the feeds on a regular basis. I'm trying to determine if that's an good thing or a meh thing, because the community I've found here does seem to be much healthier/nicer/more interesting/less commercial than on normie social media... tbd.

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Energy Usage -- Comparisons

There's an annual release of an "energy flow diagram" showing usage of energy within the US. For 2020, that totaled about 93 quadrillion BTUs (British Thermal Units), which ... is frankly kind of hard to envision.

Let's round that up for the sake of simplicity to 100 quad.

A BTU is the energy it takes to raise 1 pound of water by 1 degree Farenheit (about 1/2 litre by about 1/2 degree C for the Rest Of The World).

So a quadrillion BTUs is the energy it would take to raise the temperature of 1 quadrillion pounds of water by 1 degree F.

Or, say, to boil a somewhat smaller quantity of water.

So if the US decided that its singular national goal was to boil water, how much could it boil?

It turns out: 46.7 billion tonnes. or 46.7 km3. A cube 3.6 km on a side.

If you wanted to make the height a bit more reasonable, say, 100m (330 ft), it would measure 21 km * 21 km * 100m. (21 km is about 13 miles)

Or about 18 million olympic swimming pools (2,500 m3 or 660,000 gallons, or 2 acre-feet each) of water.

For each of the 330 million people in the US, there's abut 300 million BTUs. That works out to the energy to boil off 1/20th of an olympic pool's worth of water per person.

Calculations using #GnuUnits

#energy #resources

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I keep seeing open source projects saying "join the conversation" on discord or "stay up to date" with a link to twitter or a facebook group.

Have we really failed on messaging so hard that no one understands the cognitive dissonance at play here?

Or is it really just that Matrix is that bad, and the fediverse is that obscure?

@rho fyi I love the bookshelf section of your website. I've been looking for a new book to read and discovered A Homage to Catalonia on your list which I've been loving so far.

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