I thought that after studying programming for some years, I could grasp the basis of a programming language/framework in some days. I am studying Elixir and Phoenix, and this is not the case for sure!


@danyspin97 I want to know more!
What languages are you comfortable with now?
What's strange about elixir?


I am comfortable with C++, python, Java, bash, PHP, and I currently learning Zig.

Elixir and ( mostly ) Phoenix framework are really complex. There are a lot of different components you need to be aware of and a lot of stuff happening there.

@danyspin97 @shapr Since there’s not a functional language in that list, I’d start with learning just Elixir first. Then start figuring out the basics of Phoenix. Not advanced things like channels or LiveView. Elixir really shines when you start using the tools provided by OTP (GenServer and friends) but that’s yet more complexity.

@danyspin97 @shapr Basically, I’m challenging the idea that you need to know everything in Phoenix to make something with it.

@IslandUsurper @shapr

That's true, you don't need to know everything. But you also need to understand basic pieces to properly build a web app. Like Ecto for example.

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