Hmmm, HappStack Lite looks quite nice for that WebInspector for HURL/XML-Conduit/Stylist I've been talking about!

This is probably what I'd use to build a WebInspector for HURL/XML-Conduit/Stylist. But that's low priority compared to actually having a working browser! Which is why I've been suggesting takes it on.

Monoidal I/O looks surprisingly great for serverside webapps...


@alcinnz what the heck is monoidal io? How could that work?
I'll have to look at this!

@shapr To those beginning Haskell development monads are essentially how you write imperative code in this pure functional language when you need to. Though more experienced Haskellers take exception to that description because it has more uses than that.

The interesting thing here is Haskell's "msum" function. This lets you combine multiple request handlers such that when the first fails it fallsback to the next and so on. Take a look at the link for examples.

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